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One of the Summer’s Best Design Exhibitions – Closing Soon

If you hurry, you still have a chance to see one of this summer’s best design exhibitions,
Cyclepedia: Iconic Bicycle Design at the Portland Art Museum in Oregon.

If you’re a fan of bikes or bicycling (and who isn’t?) you may have seen Cyclepedia, a book full of beautiful photos of the iconic bicycles collected by Vienna-based designer and bike aficionado, Michael Embacher.

The photos in the book are great, but walking through the Portland Art Museum’s exhibit of forty bikes from Embacher’s collection is even better. Most of the bikes are hung from the ceiling, allowing visitors to view the bicycles from all angles. The bikes displayed feature technical breakthroughs, have set speed records, or showcase clever engineering. Some just look like they’d be a lot of fun to ride!

I’ve always thought bicycles have a special kind of design magic. Each bike has a combination of aesthetics, minimal materials and unique ride or ‘feel’. It’s fun to see this on display in Portland, expressed through the 40 different personalities of the bicycles.

If you go, don’t miss the symbol of the Museum – the oversized red letter “P” on a wall in the courtyard. If you look closely at the following photo you can see that both the letter and surrounding field are composed of dozens of colorful bicycle helmets to honor the current exhibition.